JV Rules

Game duration – All games will consist of two 25 minute running halves. Half time – five minutes.

Time outs – The clock stops on “time-outs.” Each team will be awarded 1 timeout per game. All time outs are 1 minute.

Overtime – If a game ends in a tie, one 3-minute “Sudden victory” overtime played preceded by a one minute break. No time outs in OT. If still tied a modified “3 vs 3 brave heart” will be played preceded by a one minute break. – One player must be a goalie.

* one minute break: coaches will pick three players, one must be a goalie.

* The modified “brave heart” will start with a face off. Goalie can’t go over mid line! SUDDEN VICTORY!

No Body Contact – Officials are required to penalize any questionable rough play or uncontrolled sticks (slashing).Any contact interpreted as “intent to injure” will subject player to immediate expulsion from the game, a one game suspension, and probation for the remainder of the season.

A warning may or may not be given before an expulsion