J.V. League Information

General Info

The 2019 JV summer league will be played at HFLCSD on the turf field in the stadium. Game times are 6 & 7pm. We only have room for 4  teams in the league this year. League play will be on Tuesday nights on June 25, July 9 and July 16th, 2019.

Player Eligibility

This league is open to all players going into 9th and 10th grade in the fall of 2019. Competitive 8th graders may play up at your discretion but PLEASE  no players going into 11th grade. The purpose of this league is to expose graduating 8th graders to the increased size and speed of the JV player. Exposure to the JV rules will help prepare younger players for next season as well.

Registration Info

To register your team, the team coach must complete the “Team Registration Form” by selecting “Coaches” drop down. Following the registration of your team, each individual player is required to complete the “Player Registration Form”. In the process each player will designate the team he is playing for.

League Fees

Early registration (Before May 30, 2019) – $35

Late registration (After May 30th, 2019) – $45


Registrants after June 12th are NOT guaranteed a League jersey

Refund Policy

A refund will be awarded if the request is submitted before league play has started, AND the team maintains a 20 player roster.


Team Coaches must complete the team registration form by selecting Register JV Teams. Rosters must have a minimum 20 players. No changes in player roster may be made after June 20th, 2019.

Game Day Guidelines

Each game will be officiated by two certified college and/or HS officials.

Games should not exceed one hour (except for “Overtimes”). The clock will start on or about your starting time when the referees are ready to start the game. All games are played on full size regulation field.

TRASH – All teams are required to clean up their bench areas and any mess left in the parking lots after their games. There are garbage cans on site … please use them.

** No Gatorade or gum on the turf or in the stadium!

Game Rules

Game duration – All games will consist of two 25 minute running halves.

Time outs – The clock stops on “time-outs.” Each team will be awarded 1 timeout per game. All time outs are 1 minute.

Overtime – If a game ends in a tie, there will be a 3-minute “Sudden Death” overtime played. Successive 3-minute overtimes will be played until winner is declared.

No Body Contact – Officials are required to penalize any questionable rough play or uncontrolled sticks (slashing). Any contact interpreted as “intent to injure” will subject player to immediate expulsion from the game, a one game suspension, and probation for the remainder of the season.

** A warning may or may not be given before an expulsion


In the case of an unforeseeable problem with the field and /or sustained dangerous weather is expected, a member of the league will contact each coach via phone, It is also the responsibility of the team coaches to notify all their players if a scheduled game is cancelled.

The website will also have the most up to date information. Check www.playsummerlax.com for up to date information.

At the game site the referees make the final determination whether or not a game shall be started or continued based on the fitness of the grounds or intensity of the weather (lightning). All games are played on a “Turf” field. These fields are not affected by rain. If the game becomes dangerous due to weather, the referees will stop the game for up to 20 minutes to evaluate weather. If the game cannot be continued after 20 minutes, game is cancelled. Games will not be played if any lightning present.

Player Conduct

We are fortunate to be able to play in a very nice stadium, please respect the grounds.

TRASH – All teams are required to clean up their bench areas and any mess left in the parking lots after their games. There are garbage cans on site … please use them.

** No Gatorade or gum on the turf or in the stadium!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike actions by a team or a team member may result in ejection or suspension. Unsportsmanlike actions include any verbal or physical abuse directed at any player, a fan, or umpire (i.e.: swearing, fighting, intimidation).

Teams are responsible for their fans while at the facility. Unsportsmanlike actions by team spectators can subject team to disciplinary action by the League Officials. All fans must stay in the designated areas.


No profanity! Players may risk immediate penalty/ejection.


Parking is available in the HS parking lot OR at the manor school. Please park legally. Do not park on the grass.


Any player ejected from a lacrosse game is AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FOR ONE GAME and placed on probation for the remainder of the season. That suspension must be served on their next scheduled game that their team actually plays. Any player who participated in the next game after they are ejected from the previous game is ineligible and subject to indefinite suspension from the League. Forfeits, rain outs and any other cancellations DO NOT COUNT as games sat out. Suspended player(s) are not allowed at the game site while he is suspended.

Uniform Rule

All players MUST wear a team uniform


Players must wear all mandatory equipment.

All goalies must wear a chest protector, throat guard, and padded gloves.